FabArc Steel Supply, Inc is an AISC certified fabrication facility located in oxford, AL. Founded in 1979, FabArc’s two manufacturing plants have a total fabricating area of 275,000 square feet and a work force of over 300 highly skilled employees. FabArc has the capacity to produce in excess of 40,000 tons of fabricated steel annually. Our people are our greatest asset.

Our supervisors and managers average over twenty-five years experience in the steel fabrication industry. FabArc’s project managers cater to the precise needs and demands of field superintendents and construction project managers. We are prepared to comply immediately with any job condition requiring urgent delivery to any of our job sites. FabArc is intently geared to support a “fast track project.” When time is of the essence, FabArc’s full staff is at its very best. FabArc takes pleasure in performing extraordinary service.

FabArc’s financial strength and excellent credit rating enables us to purchase raw materials from the most competitive sources. This combined with our skilled work force and modern facilities insure that our clients receive the most competitive pricing available in the market today. This in turn leads to a very healthy repeat customer base that is at the heart of our organization.

Human Resources:
Over 300 highly skilled employees
Supervisors and managers average over 25 years experience
Unparalleled project management staff

Certified By:
AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc
Standard for Steel Building Structures
Fracture Critical Endorsement
Simple Steel Bridges
Sophisticated Paint Coating Endorsement
Small Business Certification DUN #029972684

SASF - Southern Association of Steel Fabrication
SEAA - Steel Erectors Association of America
ABC - Associated Builders & Contractors
AWS - American Welding Society

Current production capacity is over
40,000 tons annually

Safety Information:

EMR '22 = 0.89
EMR '21 = 0.92
EMR '20 = 0.88

Pre-approved $75 million single project
and $150 million aggregate bonding capacity

Over 275,000 square feet of fabricating area
Over 70 tons of single lift capacity
Four new CNC saw and drill systems with automatic measuring devices
The most modern line of plasma punch and plate duplicators available
Two shot blast machines
Two camber machines
CNC horizontal boring/milling machine
Rail siding on site
Fleet of over 60 trailers
Bar-Coded Inventory, Production Control and Shipping